Children Dressing up as Mythical Creatures


The Crowman has adapted his schools workshop format for use in libraries with great success. In a ninety minute session for six to eleven year olds a story is told and the construction of a mask or puppet is demonstrated. The children then make their version with the help of The Crowman and the library assistants. A very popular holiday activity for up to twenty five participants, depending on the available space.

Museums, Galleries and Family Leisure Events

The Crowman can run all of his schools workshop sessions in museums and galleries as part of an education programme or as pre-booked, timed sessions for family groups, but also offers drop-in, open workshop days for weekends and holidays.

In a prepared space, visiting families are shown how to make various masks, puppets, or models from the materials provided and can continue the activity as long as they like and take their creation with them. This is always a very popular and well received addition to a family visit. The theme of the activities can reflect that of the exhibitions.

Inset days and training

For primary school teachers, early years practitioners and library and museum events coordinators.

Demonstrating methods, materials and tools for creating and delivering a series of repeatable, classroom based Design Technology/Art activity sessions for up to 30 children.

Based on over ten years of experience The Crowman shows how to prepare and put together a materials resource kit and supplies instructions and appropriate templates and designs to produce any of eight themed workshop sessions. (Bird Masks, Dragon / Dinosaur Masks, Lollipop Masks, Half Masks, Hats, Bugs, Shadow Puppets, Stick Puppets.) The participants then have fun making some of the masks and experimenting with the materials. Also demonstrated are: The Plastic Cup Rainstick, Binbag Kites, The Poster Tube Boglehorn and ideas for other scrap musical instruments.

Links are suggested with storytelling and other curriculum areas and ideas for display and follow up work are discussed.